NFT Worlds vs Others

A comparison of NFT Worlds with other metaverse gaming platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc
Effective July 20th, 2022 - NFT Worlds is no longer building on top of Minecraft. Instead, we're developing our own game & metaverse platform. Please join on Discord to stay up to date and get the latest info.
NFT Worlds
The Sandbox
Massively Multiplayer (MMO)
Playable on Windows, OSX, Linux
Only available on Windows
Playable on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch game consoles
Playable on smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS)
Voice chat
(Q2 2022)
Custom Player Avatars
(Q1 2022)
Real time in-game world/land editing
Complicated editor not in game
Complicated editor not in game, VoxEdit
Decentralized world/land servers
Blockchain & web API compatibility for in-game interactions
(Q1 2022)
Fully programmable worlds & systems
(Q1 2022)
(Programmable "Scenes")
Open support for world owner created P2E systems
(Q1 2022)
Supports direct interaction with smart contracts from in-game
(Q1 2022)
Integrated ERC20 Token
Land/World Supply
10,000 (Scarce)