Projects Building On NFT Worlds

An overview of other projects and NFT communities that are using NFT Worlds to create their ecosystem's playable metaverse.
Over 100 existing NFT communities and projects have already began building full scale metaverses with NFT Worlds.
Nearly all of these communities and projects have thousands to tens of thousands of members ready to engage and play together in their respective NFT Worlds.
We expect this to onboard a sizable initial playerbase into the interconnected NFT Worlds meta-multiverse.
We consider NFT Worlds to be the first meta-multiverse because it is comprised of each NFT World acting as it's own fully functional, fully customizable metaverse with no size limits. Additionally, worlds are fully programmable - nearly anything can be made in a world from a full scale MMORPG to event venues with music and more. All worlds have the ability to be interconnected through portals, creating a web of experiences and functionality all linked together for players to experience across worlds.
To date, there are nearly 50 large NFT projects and communities that have publicly announced they are building their metaverse on top of an NFT World. Over 50 more that we're aware of have not publicly announced they're building on NFT Worlds - yet.
More projects are onboarding into our ecosystem each day to provide their communities with a full scale, playable metaverse with P2E capabilities.
You can see the projects and communities that have publicly announced they're building on top of NFT Worlds, here:
Is your community building their metaverse on an NFT World? DM ArkDev#4501 on Discord to get added to the linked spreadsheet above!