Genesis Avatars Mint

Details on the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars collection.
NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars (Example NFT)
We’re introducing the second collection within the NFT Worlds ecosystem - the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars collection. The introduction of the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars also marks the beginning of the next phase of the NFT Worlds ecosystem.
The primary pieces of the NFT Worlds ecosystem for supporting custom metaverse development are finished (Roadmap 1.0). These milestones include the NFT Worlds multi-metaverse ecosystem, removal of all crypto friction (using gasless transfers and managed wallets), player accounts, game client, and much more. It’s time to begin focusing on the long term growth of our playerbase and quality content within NFT Worlds.

What Are NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars?

Genesis avatars are 15,000 1-of-1 playable characters within the NFT Worlds ecosystem, represented as NFTs. NFT Worlds Avatars you own will be able to be equipped from within the NFT Worlds game client (launcher), changing your in-game appearance to match the chosen Avatar.

What's The Utility Of Genesis Avatars?

We've packed genesis avatars with a significant amount of utility in the NFT Worlds ecosystem. Here's a list of what you'll receive as a holder of a genesis avatar.

A Fully Unique Character In-Game

Each avatar is a completely unique, 1 of 1 character within the NFT Worlds multi-metaverse. No other player in the game will look like your avatar.

Lootbox Airdrops

Anytime NFT Worlds airdrops seasonal or special lootboxes - for each Avatar you hold, you'll receive a lootbox. Lootboxes contain the possibility of opening them to receive anything from a common to extremely rare cosmetic item within the NFT Worlds ecosystem.

Access To Exclusive Cosmetic Items & Drops

As the NFT Worlds avatars ecosystem continue to develop, items that can be equipped to avatars will be released as drops (NFTs). These 3D item NFTs will further change the cosmetic look of your in-game avatar and can be equipped/unequipped, traded and more.
By owning a genesis avatar, you'll get exclusive access or first access to many of the rare item drops offered by NFT Worlds and its partners in the future.
Of these exclusive drops, a majority of them will only be airdropped to Genesis Avatar holders.

Avatars NFT World

We couldn't launch an avatars collection without a world specifically built for the Genesis Avatars holders! Genesis Avatars will get access to exclusive perks and content within the Genesis Avatars' NFT World to be released in the future. This will include games, hangout spots, venues and more.

Genesis Role & Titles In-Game

In the future, the NFT Worlds game client (launcher) will support custom vanity player titles that carry across all NFT Worlds. Genesis Avatar holders will get access to exclusive vanity titles, which players who don't own a genesis avatar will not have access to.

How Will Revenues From The Mint Be Used?

We're using the revenues from the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars mint to supercharge the NFT Worlds ecosystem and propel it into its next phase as a platform.
One of our big focuses with the revenues generated from mint are to grow the long term sustainability of the NFT Worlds ecosystem through continued release of top quality content through builders & projects, and rapidly grow the playerbase. The percentage based allocation of all revenues outline below reflects this intent.

50% To Builder & Player Incentives Program

We'll be allocating 50% of all revenues from the mint to our builder incentives program we'll be releasing in May 2022, as well as the players incentives program coming later this year.
To start, the builder incentives program is aimed at incentivizing builders and NFT World owners to work together to create top quality games and engaging worlds for players. Each month newly launched worlds that meet specific KPIs and benchmark metrics we set will be rewarded from the builder incentives program fund. This program will be scheduled to distribute all funds over a period of 18 to 24 months.
We see top quality content & fun worlds that players genuinely enjoy as an essential piece to the sustainability of the NFT Worlds ecosystem. The intent of this fund is to accomplish just that - the incentivized creation of sustainable games, worlds and content that players love.
Additionally, growing the active player base of NFT Worlds as more engaging worlds begin coming online is another critical area of focus for us.
The purpose of the player incentives program is to create mechanisms that incentivize existing NFT Worlds players to refer and bring in new players to NFT Worlds. These funds will be distributed over a period of 18 to 24 months through mechanisms like referrals, new player rewards and more. From a KPI standpoint, we're focused on growing daily active player counts across all worlds, maximizing average player session durations and more with this fund.
This player incentives fund is entirely separate from the existing $WRLD P2E player incentives and is meant to act as an additional boost to rapidly grow the player base.
These funds will be held in a gnosis wallets.

25% To Avatars Team

Partnerships with new and existing NFT projects is another critical area of folding more communities into our ecosystem.
25% of the mint revenues will fund the creation and years of ongoing operations for the NFT Worlds Avatars division that's in charge of identifying, partnering with and doing the heavy development work to help bring target NFT projects into NFT Worlds in the future as playable "community avatars".
Community avatars will be playable characters in the NFT Worlds ecosystem but will have none of the additional utility of genesis avatars.

25% To NFT Worlds Team

The remaining 25% of mint revenues will go to the core NFT Worlds team. We'll be using these revenues to continue growing our team, with a focus on creating an internal team division to continue building out the $WRLD marketplace, AMM systems, continued development of the NFT Worlds game client (launcher) and more.

Mint Details

The genesis avatars mint will be in 2 parts. An initial whitelist mint for anyone holding a Whitelist Mint pass, and a public mint for anyone to mint.
Whitelist Mint passes will be airdropped to all NFT World holders on May 2nd. These passes can be transferred to any other wallet, or traded on OpenSea here:
10,000 Whitelist Mint Passes will be airdropped - reflecting 10,000 of the 15,000 Genesis Avatar supply.
On May 4th, any wallet that has at least 1 Whitelist Mint Pass can mint an NFT Worlds Genesis Avatar for 0.4 eth. 1 Avatar can be minted for every 1 Whitelist Mint Pass owned. For each Genesis Avatar minted, 1 Whitelist Mint Pass is automatically burned from your wallet.
The public sale will begin on May 5th.
An additional 5,000 NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars will be available for mint in the public sale, along with any unminted supply from the prior whitelist sale.

Mint Price

The whitelist mint price will be 0.4 Ethereum per avatar.
The public mint price will be a dutch auction starting at 1 Ethereum per avatar and reducing down to a bottom price of 0.4 Ethereum per avatar over a period of time.

Mint Date & Time

The whitelist mint will be May 4th, 2022, starting at 6PM PST (9PM EST).
The public mint will follow 24 hours after the whitelist mint begins, on May 5th, starting at 6PM PST (9PM EST).

Mint Page

When minting goes live, you'll be able to mint at