Launch Your Metaverse

How to create and launch a metaverse for your community or project
With NFT Worlds.. Anything. Is. Possible.
Effective July 20th, 2022 - NFT Worlds is no longer building on top of Minecraft. Instead, we're developing our own game & metaverse platform. Please join on Discord to stay up to date and get the latest info.
NFT Worlds has been created as the lowest barrier to entry way to create a flexible play to earn metaverse for any project or community.
We've solved the complexities of building massively multiplayer metaverse worlds & games, integrating blockchain based transaction layers, verifying player NFT ownership for admission to content and much more.
Much of this innovation is thanks to the Minecraft ecosystem and the fantastic creative platform Minecraft itself provides as a foundation. Beyond that, we've created significant technical systems to bring frictionless blockchain integrations for play to earn, cross-linked communities, decentralized infrastructure, in-game token layers and much more to make this possible.
This document serves as a guide for key things you'll want to understand about NFT Worlds and how to get started building your play to earn metaverse using NFT Worlds and the $WRLD token.

Acquiring A World

It all starts with a world. To build within the NFT Worlds ecosystem, you'll need to have access to an NFT World. Having access to an NFT World gives you a baseline world to start building your metaverse off of. But more importantly, it gives you access to all of our infrastructure, blockchain layer, $WRLD token, interlinked community support & ecosystem and more that you'll need to create a thriving metaverse.
There's 2 ways to acquire access to an NFT World.
  1. 1.
    You can buy an NFT World off of the secondary market from another person who is selling their NFT World on websites like OpenSea:
  2. 2.
    Alternatively, we recognize that the entry price for a world is a significant investment and may not be within reach for some projects, communities or individuals. To solve this we've created a rental system where you can rent long term usage of a world and all of its ownership access using our rental system that will be released later this year. This system will allow you to rent complete ownership of a world from an existing world owner for a set amount of $WRLD token per month.

Building Your World

After you've acquired or rented a world, you can get started building!
NFT Worlds are significantly easier to build in than other metaverse. NFT Worlds also enable overwhelmingly more possibilities for what you can build in your world's metaverse. This is because each NFT World is massive in size and allows full control of its play mechanics.
It's possible to build pretty much any game mode or experience you can imagine. Ranging from racing P2E games, first person shooters, massive role playing games, battle royales and much more.
You can get started building your NFT World in 2 different ways depending on your experience with the Minecraft ecosystem and your needs.
  1. 1.
    If you want to build your world yourself, head over to
  2. 2.
    If you want to work with a professional world builder that's been verified by us who can build fully custom environments, completely custom game modes, play to earn experiences and help launch your world, head over to our NFT Worlds Builder Marketplace Discord server. All verified NFT Worlds builders are very experienced with the Minecraft & NFT Worlds ecosystem. Many of them are former or current professional Minecraft Marketplace content partners and are the best of the best. Our builder marketplace currently has dozens of the worlds top build teams. You can join the NFT Worlds Builder Marketplace server and find a builder to work with here:
You can check out examples of what other projects are building experiences on top of NFT Worlds here:

What's $WRLD Token?

The $WRLD token is NFT Worlds in-game currency. It is deployed on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks.
$WRLD is a token earned and used by players in NFT Worlds, creating an interconnected economic ecosystem of games and experiences.
$WRLD operates unlike nearly every other token. It has been developed from the ground up with significant infrastructure to allow for gasless transactions and has transfer times typically averaging 2 seconds.
$WRLD's gasless transaction layer operates on the Polygon network. $WRLD can be bridged between Ethereum and Polygon at anytime using the Polygon Bridge.
NFT Worlds have access to the $WRLD & blockchain layer we provide to integrate frictionless usage of $WRLD for players in game. This means that any NFT World can quickly create in-game item or NFT purchases, buy/spend mechanics, escrow services, plot subdivision purchasing, player trading mechanics and so much more.
The $WRLD transaction system and layers have been developed to abstract away the complications of building your own infrastructure so you can quickly create fast, frictionless P2E & in-game transaction experiences for your community and players all tied back to the blockchain.
We recommend using $WRLD token over your own native token for your community to play and transact within your NFT World because of the significant friction it removes from the player experience.
Using a token other than $WRLD that requires gas to transact creates painful friction for players. Many players in NFT Worlds have no prior experience with crypto - most are traditional gamers. Teaching these players how manage a wallet and get Ethereum or Matic from an exchange to put transactions through is a significant pain point we've removed with $WRLD.
That's not to say you can't use your own token, the friction will just deter players. A possible hybrid solution for using your own token is to create your own $WRLD <-> Token swap pool so your community can swap their native token to $WRLD for in game usage and back to your native token later on if they need to. We don't provide systems for this at this time, you would be required to create your own swap system.

$WRLD Rewards Faucet (Play To Earn Rewards)

Worlds that create engaging game experiences have an opportunity to get access to $WRLD P2E (Play to earn) disbursements for their players through the P2E $WRLD rewards faucet. Read more about the P2E $WRLD rewards reserves here:
The rewards faucet is reserved for worlds that create publicly playable games and content that players would likely enjoy. Incentivizing players to play in your world because it has access to $WRLD earnings for players from the P2E rewards faucet is a great way to grow your world's community and playerbase.
Worlds that want to reward players from the $WRLD rewards faucet are required to create content that is objectively fair and publicly accessible. All players should have equal opportunity to earn $WRLD token in your world if you'd like to utilize the reward faucet.
Here are some examples in no particular order of games and content that would be eligible to participate in utilizing the $WRLD rewards faucet. Keep in mind, reward systems you create that could be clearly exploited will be rejected from accessing the P2E rewards faucet.
  • Role playing games that reward players for accomplishing quests, defeating bosses, winning in PVP arenas, etc.
  • Educational worlds that reward players for learning things or skills that also include systems to test what players have learned.
  • Battle royale type games that reward winners in each match with $WRLD.
  • Team vs team game modes that distribute a fair split of $WRLD token rewards to the winning team in each match.
  • Free for all game modes that reward the a top percentage of players in each match.
  • Worlds built on popular Minecraft game modes like Factions, Skyblocks, Prison that implement creative $WRLD distribution systems.
  • Any games or experiences that give a fair shot to all players based on a combination of knowledge, skill, accomplishments, etc.
Here are some examples of things that would not be eligible to participate in utilizing the $WRLD rewards faucet to reward players.
  • Gambling
  • Any games or experiences explicitly tied to drugs or mature content
  • Any games or experiences that attempt to accept cash or a cash equivalent payments to give players an unfair advantage that isn't accessible by using fairly earned $WRLD.
  • Any games or experiences that reward based on just play time - this can be easily exploited.
Ultimately, building games and experiences in your world that reward players through the $WRLD rewards faucet is a fantastic way to incentivize players to join your world's community and enjoy their time playing games.
More importantly, accessing the $WRLD rewards faucet is intended to bolster the in-game economy of your world. Players that are earning $WRLD by playing an enjoyable set of games or experiences in the world you've created are much more likely to spend their earned $WRLD back into your ecosystem through $WRLD shops, content access, cosmetic perks and more that you offer.
Lastly, approval for the $WRLD rewards faucet is governed by the collective community of NFT World holders. NFT World holders that stake their world ( are given 1 non-transferrable governance token for each world staked. 1 governance token is burned when a world is unstaked. Please note, staked worlds can still be played, developed and do not impact world usability.
World owners holding at least 1 NFT Worlds governance token from staking are permitted to participate in governing access and policing the P2E rewards systems.
Worlds that propose a use case for access to the faucet are voted on by world holders collectively. This will be done via a DAO governance model expected to release in late Q1 of 2022 or early Q2.
A world that wants access to the $WRLD rewards faucet must have a minimum amount of $WRLD token staked to the world through the faucet system. This staked $WRLD is locked up and acts as a mechanism to deter abuse of the $WRLD rewards faucet.
Worlds that violate usage of the $WRLD rewards faucet can be policed and "slashed" by governance members. Through member governance, if a world has been found to have violated allowed usage of its faucet access, the $WRLD staked to it that enabled its access to the faucet is taken and returned to the P2E rewards pool and access to the rewards faucet is permanently revoked from the world in violation.
Lastly, the amount of $WRLD that will be made available to worlds through the rewards faucet will be a yet-to-be-determined fixed daily amount on a world by world basis. This prevents any special treatment for specific worlds and gives fair opportunity of distribution for each world based on their games available for players.
The in-game $WRLD rewards faucet mechanisms for approved worlds are managed through the $WRLD and blockchain infrastructure layers we've created. Tying in and automating $WRLD rewards for players in your world is being developed to be as frictionless as possible.

Releasing Your World For Play

Alright, you've created a world you're proud of that has some combination of fun gameplay, exploration and/or community hangouts. Now you want to release it to the rest of the world to start playing - awesome!
There's three ways to go about this depending on your level of technical experience.
  1. 1.
    If you have some technical experiences, you can launch your own server with any hosting provider that you find. Some great Minecraft hosting providers are Apex Hosting and OVH Cloud. You'll need to use Minecraft 1.17+ compatible server software and also include Geyser/Floodgate to allow cross platform play. We've created our own Minecraft server fork that comes with all the core NFT World plugin presets. You can find that here. Alternatively, if you don't want to use our server software, you can use other off the shelf server software like Airplane of PaperMC.
  2. 2.
    Alternatively, if you don't have the technical confidence to setup your own server, you can head over to our builders marketplace and find a verified builder to help get you setup if you're not already working with one. Verified builders are very experienced with the server ecosystem and can quickly setup and even manage the technicals of your world's server.
  3. 3.
    NFT Worlds will soon be offering an automated hosting service to quickly deploy your world within our optional hosting infrastructure. More details are expected to be released on this in Q2.
Once your world's server is setup and ready to play, head back over to the World Manager:
From there, find the correct world corresponding to the world server you've setup and select the "Enable Multiplayer" button. You'll be prompted with a short form to enter your server's IP address, a brief description of your server, some basic visual imagery to make it look nice in the playable worlds page & NFT Worlds game launcher (launcher is unreleased at this time).
Submit the form. This will set your world's details on the NFT Worlds Router contract. Your world is now live and discoverable by all NFT World players.

Bringing NFT's & NFT Projects Into NFT Worlds

We love other NFT projects building their metaverse on top of NFT Worlds. We've built our platform's technologies with significant considerations around this use case.
The blockchain & $WRLD layer that directly integrates into your world can be used to do things like verify player ownership of your project's NFTs or other project NFTs (ERC721 or ERC1155). Our systems manage all of the automated mapping of players in game to their verified wallets behind the scenes.
Through this, you can quickly see if players that join your world hold an NFT from a collection, how many of those NFTs they hold, if they hold a specific NFT from a collection and more. Based on what they do or do not own, you can then assigned access, perks, content and more to them in-game in real time. Presently NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon are supported out of the box at this time.
Our blockchain layer exposes convenience methods to interact with ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts at this time. If you need read/write access to other smart contracts, you can easily add your own contract wrappers using Web3J. Head over to our developer documentation website for more details.

A Note On NFT Project Models

We've seen a lot of NFT projects building their metaverse on NFT Worlds create very interesting models for their community. At this time over 100 individual projects are already building on NFT Worlds and nearly 100 more have not yet publicly announced that they're building but have been in contact with our team. You can see a list of projects that have publicly announced they're building on NFT Worlds here. There are many others that have not announced yet that are building as well.
Some of these projects have created models for their worlds to reward their NFT holders with $WRLD token and in turn grow their metaverse ecosystem.
For example, some projects are creating extensive metaverses with enjoyable P2E mechanics.
These worlds also have spend mechanisms for any player to get items, cosmetic upgrades, perks and more related to that metaverse.
NFT projects with these types of NFT World metaverses are then taking their $WRLD earnings from player spend in game and redistributing them back to holders.
This creates an incentive structure where NFT holders of a project want to publicly help grow the project's metaverse and bring more players to it. In turn, the metaverse growing opens up more opportunity to expand game modes, content and more - growing the NFT project's overall reach and community.
The growth of the playerbase for any NFT World is good for all NFT Worlds because of the nature of the interconnected ecosystem and the economic layer shared through the $WRLD token. We look forward to seeing what other creative incentive structures NFT projects building on NFT Worlds create in the future to grow the ecosystem.