More about $WRLD

Answers to common questions about the $WRLD token.

Is the $WRLD token live?

The $WRLD token is live, here is the Etherscan link for the Ethereum $WRLD token smart contract: Here is the Polygonscan link for the Polygon $WRLD smart contract:
Here is the Polygonscan link for the Polygon $WRLD forwarder smart contract that allows us to do gasless transactions:

How much $WRLD will be circulating in total?

The maximum supply of $WRLD tokens is 5,000,000,000 (Five billion tokens). We will release further circulation and tokenomics details soon.

When will $WRLD be available?

$WRLD became available on December 27th, 2021.

How do I get $WRLD?

$WRLD will initially be claimed by NFT World owners and also distributed to them on an interval based basis when world staking is made available.
Players will be able to earn $WRLD across different NFT Worlds by engaging in games, participating in community events, and much more.

Will there be an initial sale / ICO of $WRLD?

No, $WRLD will not have an initial sale / ICO. It is only intended to act as a token within the NFT Worlds game ecosystem and nothing else. It will be freely and fairly distributed to existing NFT World holders and NFT World players over time and used only to access fun optional content, games and more within NFT Worlds.

Will $WRLD ever be burned?

We have no plans to burn any $WRLD. Any $WRLD tokens that the NFT Worlds team collects will be given back to our world builders to create more unique worlds and experiences, and expand the NFT Worlds ecosystem. Collected $WRLD may also be given back to players through events, competitions and more held by the NFT Worlds team.

$WRLD Token Disclaimers

$WRLD tokens are solely provided to create a medium of exchange only within the NFT Worlds game and ecosystem.
$WRLD tokens are not intended to be an investment and there is no expectation that $WRLD tokens will ever have liquidity, any measurable value, or appreciate in value.