Tokenomics & Distribution

An overview of the currently proposed tokenomics for $WRLD.
The current proposal for $WRLD token distribution.


We've developed the initial proposal for $WRLD token distribution with the following goals in mind.
  • Heavy incentives for players to join and play in the NFT Worlds ecosystem through play-to-earn rewards.
  • Access to $WRLD for the NFT Worlds team to be able to host in-game promotions, lead growth oriented competitions in worlds, sponsor build & game creation competitions and more.
  • An initial distribution of $WRLD to world owners through a claim process. $WRLD will not only be used in game, but also for world specific services, management, utilizing build services from any of our dozens of professional build teams to develop your world(s), and more in the future.
  • Staking to give world owners the ability to earn $WRLD over time. This gives current and future world owners access to an additional way to earn $WRLD so they can access world-owner specific functionality and services within the NFT Worlds ecosystem.

Play To Earn Rewards

Play to earn rewards give players access to $WRLD through completing quests, challenges, winning competitions and more across the NFT Worlds ecosystem.
These mechanisms will be through a combination of cross-world implementations for player challenges as well as world specific challenges that world owners can implement for players in their world to incentivize player to join their worlds, and more.
NFT Worlds will provide basic building blocks and play to earn mechanisms that world owners can easily implement within their worlds. World owners can also create their own custom play to earn mechanisms that reward from the play to earn reserve tokens so long as they are approved by the NFT Worlds team.
The play to earn mechanisms that have their distributed $WRLD funded by the play to earn reserves are...
  • Premade mechanisms by the NFT Worlds team that any world owner can choose to implement into their world for players of their world.
  • Custom mechanisms created by world owners that are subject to approval by the NFT Worlds team.
  • Player specific mechanisms that are specific to player activity and not just what they do in any one world. This includes but is not limited to: total actions across worlds, time active, etc.
Additionally, nothing stops world owners from creating $WRLD distribution mechanisms that reward players with $WRLD tokens that are owned by the world owner. This will likely be a popular way to also attract players to worlds in the future.
Lastly, we see these play to earn rewards tying back into the in-game economics of $WRLD with transactions between players and world owners. World owners will have full flexibility to implement perks, upgrades, content access, and nearly any implementation they can imagine to give some in-world value to players in exchange for players giving them $WRLD.
2,500,000,000 $WRLD (50%) will be locked up and targeted to be linearly distributed over a 5 year timeline target to players interacting with these play to earn mechanisms.


A total of 500,000,000 (10%) $WRLD will be claimable over 2 different claimable periods. Each period airdropping 250,000,000 $WRLD.
Both claims will be distributed to wallet addresses holding NFT Worlds at the time of their corresponding snapshots.
The first snapshot will be on December 23rd, 2021 - The official block height has not been announced yet.
The second claim will be in February 2022 - A date has not been announced yet.


1,750,000,000 (35%) total $WRLD will be locked up and distributed over a 5 year target timeline to world owners that stake their NFT Worlds.
Just to be clear. You do not need to stake a world for 5 years. What we're saying is that the total reserves will be targeted to be depleted around the 5 year mark from when staking starts.

Team Reserves

250,000,000 (5%) total $WRLD will be locked up in the NFT World team's treasury. This $WRLD will be used for in-game promotions, new builder partner incentives, in-game events and much more.
This 5% reserve (250,000,00 $WRLD) will be distributed over a 4 year period at 1/48 distributions per month.
This means that 5,208,333 $WRLD token (1/48th of the total 5% allocation) will be minted to the team reserves wallet on a monthly basis starting January 2022 and ending January 2026.

Gasless In-Game Transactions

The $WRLD token uses 2 networks. The primary network being Ethereum and the secondary network where in-game transactions occur being Polygon.
We've developed a first of its kind gasless transaction system to remove all crypto-related friction for in-game transactions. This means players do not have to figure out how to use an exchange to get matic into their wallet to submit transactions, they simply need to play in NFT Worlds to earn $WRLD.
When players in game go to pay for an item, perk, upgrade or do any form of transfer involving $WRLD, it's processed through our "gasless" forwarding node using meta transactions. This system is built open-ended such that anyone could build out their own "gasless" forwarding node and set their own $WRLD fees in the future such that the system is not reliant on a single node that we manage.
When a gasless $WRLD transaction occurs, our forwarding node covers the underlying matic gas fee and the transfer method utilized is called transferWithFee. A small amount of $WRLD is deducted from the total amount the recipient receives in order to cover the equivalent value of the matic gas fee for the transaction. This fee is dynamically adjusted to be made as low as possible. Presently, in most cases, a transaction will cost less than 0.1 $WRLD in fees to submit.
$WRLD Verified Polygon Contract (In-Game Tx's):
$WRLD Verified Polygon Forwarder Contract (Forwards Gasless Tx's):